CSE 549 - Introduction to Computational Biology

Fall 2013
Course Time: 4-5:20PM Tuesday-Thursday
Place: W4330 Melville Library
Instructor: Steven Skiena

This is a course in algorithmic issues in biology, focusing current problems in genomics. Our emphasis will be algorithmic, on discovering appropriate combinatorial algorithm problems and the techniques to solve these problems. Primary topics will include DNA sequence assembly, DNA/protein sequence comparison, hybridization array analysis, RNA and protein folding, and phylogenic trees.

The prerequisites for this course will be a course in combinatorial algorithms (CSE 373/548 or equivalent) or a strong background in biology. I hope to get a mix of students from the computational and life sciences.

The course TA will be Rukhsana Yeasmin. Her office hours are Monday 3-4:30PM and Wednesday 4-5:30PM in the Laufer Center room 100 (the big room). Contact her by email at ryeasmin@cs.stonybrook.edu.

The CS 549 Final Exam will Be Monday 12/16 from 2:15-5:00 pm in the normal classroom.

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