CSE/ISE 334 Assignments


Documentation - 5 points

Project Proposal - 2 points

Blender Training Videos (on Blackboard) - 1 point each, or 8 points total

Self Portrait exercise - 5 points

Character Sheet - 10 points

Storyboard - 10 points

Title Screen - 5 points

Audio Track - 10 points

3d Character Model - 10 points

3d Scene - 10 points

3d Animation - 10 points

Final Video Project - 10 points

HW - 5 points total
Hall of Fame - 2 points
Multimedia Production Process - 3 points

Up to 10 points of extra credit may be offered (TBD)

All assignments are announced on Blackboard (generally a week prior to the due date) and emailed to students.


93 -100+ A
90 - 92 A-
87 - 89 B+
83 - 86 B
80 - 82 B-
77 - 79 C+
73 - 76 C
70 - 72 C-
65 - 69 D+
60 - 64 D
Below 60 F


Project documentation should be updated regularly throughout the semester. The presentation should be easy to navigate and professional. Don't waste time embellishing the project web site with decorative graphics. Think of presenting each assignment as a tutorial of how you did the project.

* Important note:

All students are required to present their final projects in class the last week of the semester.


The work for the course is expected to be developed iteratively, so grades posted when assignments are due are advisory grades, and could be improved upon with refinement in the final presentation.

All due dates are at 11:59 pm on the date given. Submissions later than 24 hours past the due date will have 0.5 points deducted, and 48 hours or later will have 1 point per day deducted. Projects with content that is offensive or defamatory will have points deducted, or may get no credit at all. Plagiarized work will recieve no credit, and may be reported to the academic judiciary.

Only two unexscused absences are allowed for the term. Subsequent absences may result in the loss of a grade point (i.e. from an A- to a B+).

A grade of "I" (incomplete) for the semester is rarely given.

No assignments will be accepted after class has ended on the last day of class for the semester.