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Netlib / TOMS -- Collected Algorithms of the ACM

Netlib/TOMS -- Collected Algorithms of the ACM

An early mechanism for the distribution of useful implementations of algorithms was CALGO, the Collected Algorithms of the ACM. It first appeared in Communications of the ACM in 1960, covering such famous algorithms as Floyd's linear-time build heap algorithm. More recently, it has been the province of ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software. Each algorithm/implementation is described in a brief journal article, with the implementation validated and collected.

A total of 750 algorithms have appeared to date. Most of the codes are in Fortran, and of interest in numerical computing, although several interesting combinatorial algorithms have slithered into CALGO. Since the implementations have been refereed, presumably they are more reliable than most freely available software. All the implementations below are available by ftp or WWW from Netlib.

Algorithms of combinatorial interest include:

A bibliography and keywords appear in Algorithm 620.

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    Problem Links

    Bandwidth Reduction (8)
    Matrix Multiplication (8)
    Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization (8)
    Discrete Fourier Transform (5)
    Generating Partitions (5)
    Hamiltonian Cycle (5)
    Knapsack Problem (5)
    Solving Linear Equations (5)
    Minimum Spanning Tree (5)
    Random Number Generation (5)
    Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic (4)
    Linear Programming (4)
    Job Scheduling (4)
    Shortest Path (4)
    Traveling Salesman Problem (4)
    Cryptography (3)
    Generating Subsets (3)
    Matching (3)
    Sorting (3)
    Triangulation (3)
    Convex Hull (2)
    Priority Queues (2)
    Text Compression (2)
    Voronoi Diagrams (2)

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