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1.5.5 Hamiltonian Cycle

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Input Description: A graph G = (V,E).

Problem: Find an ordering of the vertices such that each vertex is visited exactly once.

Excerpt from The Algorithm Design Manual: The problem of finding a Hamiltonian cycle or path in a graph is a special case of the traveling salesman problem, one where each pair of vertices with an edge between them has distance 1, while nonedge vertex pairs are separated by distance infinity.

Closely related is the problem of finding the longest path or cycle in a graph, which occasionally arises in pattern recognition problems. Let the vertices in the graph correspond to possible symbols, and let edges link symbols that can possibly be next to each other. The longest path through this graph is likely the correct interpretation.


  • Concorde TSP Solver (C) (rating 10)
  • Vandegriend's Finding Hamiltonian Cycles (C) (rating 9)
  • Netlib / TOMS -- Collected Algorithms of the ACM (FORTRAN) (rating 5)
  • The Stanford GraphBase (C) (rating 5)
  • Nijenhuis and Wilf: Combinatorial Algorithms (FORTRAN) (rating 4)
  • Xtango and Polka Algorithm Animation Systems (C++,C) (rating 3)

  • Recommended Books

    The Traveling Salesman Problem and Its Variations by G. Gutin and A. Punnen Introduction to Graph Theory by Douglas B. West The Traveling Salesman Problem: A computational study by D. Applegate and R. Bixby and V. Chvatal and W. Cook
    The Traveling Salesman Problem : A Guided Tour of Combinatorial Optimization by E.L. Lawler (Editor) and A. H. Rinnooy-Kan

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