IEEE Big Data 2024 Workshops

  1. Computational Archival Science: digital records in the age of big data

  2. Mark Hedges
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    Contact Person: Mark Hedges

  3. 7th Annual Workshop on Cyber Threat Intelligence and Hunting (CyberHunt 2024)

  4. Vasileios Mavroeidis, Habtamu Abie, Gudmund Grov, and Konstantinos Fysarakis
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    Contact Person: Vasileios Mavroeidis

  5. 2nd workshop on Big Data Applications for Fight against Crime and Terrorism (BDA4FCT)

  6. Georgios Stavropoulos
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    Contact Person: Georgios Stavropoulos

  7. 8th International Workshop on Applications of Big Data Methods and Technology in the Transport Industry

  8. John Easton, Joseph Preece, and Satish V Ukkusuri
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    Contact Person: John Easton

  9. The 9th International Workshop on Application of Big Data for Computational Social Science (ABCSS2024)

  10. Fujio Toriumi, Isamu Okada, Hiroki Takikawa, and Mitsuo Yoshida
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    Contact Person: Isamu Okada

  11. 10th Workshop on Methods to Improve Big Data Science Projects (MIDP-2024)

  12. Jeffrey Saltz
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    Contact Person: Jeffrey Saltz

  13. 2nd Workshop on AI Music Generation with AI Music Competition

  14. Callie Liao and Ellie Zhang
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    Contact Person: Callie Liao

  15. 4th IEEE Big Data Workshop on Multimodal AI (MMAI 2024)

  16. Lindi Liao
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    Contact Person: Lindi Liao

  17. 4th Workshop on Knowledge Graphs and Big Data In conjunction with the IEEE Big Data 2024

  18. Yuan An, Jane Greenberg, and Alex Kalinowski
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    Contact Person: Yuan An

  19. International Workshop on Data Engineering and Modeling for AI (DEMAI)

  20. Carlos Ordonez and Wojciech Macyna
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    Contact Person: Carlos Ordonez

  21. The 7th International Workshop on “Big Data Engineering and Analytics in Cyber-Physical Systems” (BigEACPS'24)

  22. Akbar Namin
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    Contact Person: Akbar Namin

  23. The 2nd International Workshop on Exploring Cutting-edge Data Mining: Applications of Infrared Target Detection and Large Language Models

  24. Jinli Zhang, Xuemin Lin, and Yongduan Song
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    Contact Person: Jinli Zhang

  25. The 7th Workshop on Benchmarking, Performance Tuning and Optimization for Big Data Applications (BPOD)

  26. Zhiyuan Chen, Jianwu Wang, Feng Chen, and Junqi Yin
    Author Email(s):,,,
    Contact Person: Zhiyuan Chen

  27. The Second Workshop on Large-scale Data Utilization in Economics of Information and Management Sciences: Theory, Computation, and Experiment” (BigEACPS'24)

  28. Naoki Watanabe
    Author Email(s)
    Contact Person: Naoki Watanabe

  29. The 4th International Workshop on Multi-Modal Medical Data Analysis

  30. Wendong Wang, Bo Zhang, Nanfang Xu, Ji Wu, Xiangling Fu, Xiuzhuang Zhou, Zheng Zhang, Wu Liu, and Hui Gao
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    Contact Person: Bo Zhang

  31. 12th International Workshop on Distributed Storage and Blockchain Technologies for Big Data

  32. Hui Li, Hong Tan, and Hang Li
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    Contact Person: Hong Tan

  33. The 3rd Workshop on Big Data Analytic in Healthcare

  34. Alex Kuo, Matteo Mantovani, and Juan C. Trujillo
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    Contact Person: Alex Kuo

  35. The 7th International Workshop on Big Data Analytic for Cybercrime Investigation and Prevention

  36. Andrii Shalaginov
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    Contact Person: Andrii Shalaginov

  37. Foundation Models for Science Big Data

  38. Xuan Wang and Qi Li
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    Contact Person: Xuan Wang

  39. Next-Generation Big Graph Learning and Analytics (Next-Gen-BiGLA)

  40. Xiaofei Zhang, Xiang Lian, and Qiang Guan
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    Contact Person: Xiaofei Zhang

  41. 5th International Workshop on User Understanding from Big Data

  42. Wutao Wei and Claire Ding
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    Contact Person: Wutao Wei

  43. 1st Workshop on Robust Machine Learning for Distribution Shifts

  44. Chen Zhao, Zhengzhang Chen, Baojian Zhou, Minglai Shao, and Kewei Cheng
    Author Email(s):,,,,
    Contact Person: Chen Zhao

  45. The 5th International Workshop on Big Data & AI Tools, Methods, and Use Cases for Innovative Scientific Discovery (BTSD) 2024

  46. Sangkeun Lee, Jong Youl Choi, Anika Tabassum, and Minsu Kim
    Author Email(s):,,,
    Contact Person: Sangkeun Lee

  47. 2nd International Workshop on Big Data Analytics with Artificial Intelligence for Climate Change

  48. Prof. Rajiv Misra, Prof. T.N Singh, and Prof. Supratik Mukhopadhyay
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    Contact Person: Prof. Rajiv Misra

  49. IEEE Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Medical Imaging

  50. Carmen Bisogni, Shaohua Wan, and Marco Salvatore Zappatore
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    Contact Person: Carmen Bisogni

  51. 8th International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Cyber Intelligence and Defense (BDA4CID 2024)

  52. Stephen McGough, Amir Atapour Abarghouei, and David Wall
    Author Email(s):,,
    Contact Person: Stephen McGough

  53. 3rd International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Health and Medicine (BDA4HM 2024)

  54. Stephen McGough, Amir Atapour Abarghouei, and Matthew Forshaw
    Author Email(s):,,
    Contact Person: Stephen McGough

  55. 4th International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Sustainability (BDA4S 2024)

  56. Stephen McGough, Matthew Forshaw, Gavin Shaddick, Hao Dong, and Amir Atapour Abarghouei
    Author Email(s):,,,,
    Contact Person: Stephen McGough

  57. Trustworthy Machine Learning for Healthcare

  58. Xiao Shou, Chen Zhao, and Kristin Bennett
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    Contact Person: Xiao Shou

  59. AI-Powered Renewable Energy Forecasting: Techniques and Challenges (AIPREF)

  60. Luciano Caroprese, Sergio Montelpare, Mariano Pierantozzi, and Ester Zumpano
    Author Email(s):,,,
    Contact Person: Luciano Caroprese

  61. International workshop on Scalable and Deep Graph Learning and Mining

  62. Wissem Inoubli, Sabeur Aridhi, and Engelbert Mephu Nguifo
    Author Email(s):,,
    Contact Person: Wissem Inoubli

  63. AI-driven Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges

  64. Vijaypal Singh Dhaka, Geeta Rani, Eugenio Vocaturo, and Ester Zumpano
    Author Email(s):,,,
    Contact Person: Ester Zumpano

  65. Cultural Heritage &BigData: Opportunities and Challenges

  66. Tommaso Ruga, Eugenio Vocaturo, and Ester Zumpano
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    Contact Person: Ester Zumpano

  67. The 8th Annual Workshop on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry

  68. Han Qin, Adam Dabrowski, Nathaniel Huber-Fliflet, and Jianping Zhang
    Author Email(s):,,
    Contact Person: Han Qin

  69. The IEEE International Workshop on Large Language Models for Finance

  70. Quanzhi Li
    Author Email(s)
    Contact Person: Quanzhi Li

  71. Second International Workshop for securing IoT systems using BigData

  72. Cristian Bucur and Cristian Balan
    Author Email(s):,
    Contact Person: Cristian Bucur

  73. IEEE 5th Workshop on High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics, and Integration for Multi-Omics Biomedical Data (HPC-BOD)

  74. Fahad Saeed and Serdar Bozdag
    Author Email(s):,
    Contact Person: Fahad Saeed

  75. Workshop on Big Data and AI for Healthcare

  76. Ping Chen
    Author Email(s)
    Contact Person: Ping Chen

  77. The Seventh Workshop on Big Data for Economic and Business Forecasting

    Author Email(s)
    Contact Person: WEI SHANG

  79. Workshop on Handling Resource constraints for/using Bigdata and AI

  80. Manikandan Ravikiran, Soumen Biswas, Aniruddha Rajendra Rao, Arnav Bhavsar, Sathyanarayanan Aakur, and Arunkumar Bagavathi
    Author Email(s):,
    Contact Person: Manikandan Ravikiran

  81. Fourth International Workshop on Data science for equality, inclusion and well-being challenges (DS4EIW 2024)

  82. Salvatore Greco, Moreno La Quatra, Genoveva Vargas-Solar, and Tania Cerquitelli
    Author Email(s):,,,
    Contact Person: Tania Cerquitelli

  83. From Theory to Practice: Workshop on Large Language and Foundation Models

  84. Rafet Sifa, Dhaval Patel, Linsey Pang, Wei Liu, and Tobias Deusser
    Author Email(s):,,,,
    Contact Person: Tania Cerquitelli

  85. AI and Adaptive Computing for Edge Sensing and Processing

  86. Michael Barton, Venkat Dasari, and Michael An
    Author Email(s):,,
    Contact Person: Michael Barton

  87. SABID 2024: Workshop on Solar & Stellar Astronomy Big Data

  88. Dustin Kempton, Viacheslav Sadykov, and Rafal Angryk
    Author Email(s):,,
    Contact Person: Dustin Kempton

  89. 2nd International Workshop on Dataspaces and Digital Twins for Critical Entities and Smart Urban Communities (DSpaCES)

  90. Marco Zappatore and Antonella Longo
    Author Email(s):,
    Contact Person: Marco Zappatore

  91. 7th Workshop on Big Data for CyberSecurity (BigCyber-2024)

  92. Karuna Joshi, Sudip Mittal, Lavanya Elluri, and Aritran Piplai
    Author Email(s):,,,
    Contact Person: Lavanya Elluri

  93. 9th Workshop on Advances in High Dimensional (AdHD) Big Data

  94. Aristidis Vrahatis, Sotirios Tasoulis, Vasilis Plagianakos, and Spiros Georgakopoulos
    Author Email(s):,,,
    Contact Person: Aristidis Vrahatis

  95. DCAI: The 3rd International Workshop on Data-Centric AI

  96. Yanjie Fu, Chandan Reddy, Kunpeng Liu, Dongjie Wang, Haifeng Chen, Charu Aggawal, Wei Ding, and Hui Xiong
    Author Email(s):, reddy@cs.vt.edur,,,,,,
    Contact Person: Yanjie Fu

  97. The 8th IEEE International Workshop on Big Spatial Data (BSD 2024)

  98. Ashwin Shashidharan, Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, Chengyang Zhang, and Abdeltawab Hendawi
    Author Email(s):,,,,,,,
    Contact Person: Ashwin Shashidharan

  99. 2nd International Workshop on Creating Big Data for morals, ethics, and values in natural language in an automatically inferable format

  100. Keisuke Nakamura
    Author Email(s)
    Contact Person: Keisuke Nakamura

  101. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Health Care

  102. Ryan Benton, David Bourrie, and Scott Sittig
    Author Email(s):,,
    Contact Person: Ryan Benton