Technical Program

Opening Remarks
Prof. Samir R. Das, Professor and Chair of Computer Science at Stony Brook
Santiago Vargas, Rebecca Drucker, Aiswarya Renganathan, Aruna Balasubramanian and Anshul Gandhi
Brian Kondracki, Babak Amin Azad, Nick Nikiforakis
Prerna Khanna, Tanmay Srivastava, Shijia Pan, Shubham Jain and Phuc Nguyen
Wei Su, Yifei Liu, Erez Zadok
History of Computer Science
David M. Schiffer, CEO of Revbits
Title: Trustworthy Machine Learning: Past, Present, and Future
Somesh Jha
Lubar Professor, Computer Science Department
University of Wisconsin, Madison


Fueled by massive amounts of data, models produced by machine-learning (ML) algorithms, especially deep neural networks (DNNs), are being used in diverse domains where trustworthiness is a concern, including automotive systems, finance, healthcare, natural language processing, and malware detection. Of particular concern is the use of ML algorithms in cyber-physical systems (CPS), such as self-driving cars and aviation, where an adversary can cause serious consequences. Interest in this area of research has simply exploded. In this work, we will cover the state-of-the-art in trustworthy machine learning, and then cover some interesting future trends.

About the Speaker:

Somesh Jha received his B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi in Electrical Engineering. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Prof. Edmund Clarke (a Turing award winner). Currently, Somesh Jha is the Lubar Professor in the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin (Madison). His work focuses on analysis of security protocols, survivability analysis, intrusion detection, formal methods for security, and analyzing malicious code. Recently, he has focussed his interested on privacy and adversarial ML (AML). Somesh Jha has published several articles in highly-refereed conferences and prominent journals. He has won numerous best-paper and distinguished-paper awards. Prof Jha also received the NSF career award. Prof. Jha is the fellow of the ACM and IEEE.

Mallesham Dasari, Kumara Kahatapitiya, Huidong Liu, Dimitris Samaras, Aruna Balasubramanian and Samir R. Das
Shahira Abousamra, Minh Hoai, Dimitris Samaras and Chao Chen
Qingqing Cao, Noah Weber, Harsh Trivedi, Yash Lal, Niranjan Balasubramanian and Aruna Balasubramanian
Xinyu Dong, Fusheng Wang
Shouvik Roy, Usama Mehmood, Radu Grosu, Scott Stoller, Scott Smolka and Ashish Tiwari
Sohee Park, Minh Hoai, Arani Bhattacharya and Samir R. Das
Veena Krish, Nicola Paoletti, Scott Smolka and Amir Rahmati
Supreeth Narasimhaswamy, Trung Nguyen and Minh Hoai
Nick Nikiforakis, Steven Skiena and Niranjan Balasubramanian
Duin Baek, Hangil Kang, and Jihoon Ryoo
Yuheng Wang, Nathanael Payen, Paul Fodor, and Michael Kifer
Graphics Languages and Tools: A Survey   BEST POSTER IN DOMAIN (Theory)
Matthew Castellana and Y. Annie Liu
Dongsheng An, Yang Guo, Xin Qi, Na Lei, Zhongxuan Luo, Shing-Tung Yau, and Xianfeng Gu
Efficient Audit Logging with eBPF   BROADRIDGE BEST POSTER AWARD
Rohit Aich, Prabudhha Kumar, and Divyansh Upreti
What Time Is It? Temporal Analysis of Novels   BEST POSTER IN DOMAIN (Intelligent Systems)
Allen Kim, Charuta Pethe and Steven Skiena
Sanaz Sheikhi, Md Nahid Hossain and R.Sekar
Chaoyuan Zuo, Aakash Bhatia, Nitinkumar Bhyri and Ritwik Banerjee
Soumyakant Priyadarshan, Huan Nguyen and R. Sekar