I work with exceptional Ph.D, Masters, and Undergraduate students at Stony Brook. I also work with several high school students. For informtion about past students in the lab, see here.

PhD Students
Masters Students
  • Arunesh Pandey
  • Praveen Kumar Swaminathan


Graduated Ph.D. Students
  • Dr. Yi Cao (First Employment: ByteDance)
  • Dr. Jian Xu (First Employment: Oracle Cloud)
Graduated Masters Students
  • Sowmiya Narayan (Riverbed Technologies)
  • Sruti Mandadapu (Cisco)
  • Srikanth Vihari (Nomura)
  • Naveen Kumar Nuthalapati (Search Technologies)
  • Pavan Kumar Muguluri (Cisco)
  • Shashank Jain (Microsoft, Runner-up of CSE GSA best presentation)
  • Vivek Tiwari (Linkedin)
  • Aditya Prakash (Yahoo)
High School Student(s)
  • Caitlin Chou (Video of Caitlin's work): A Mobile Platform for Natural Sound Recognition
  • Escher Campanella (Video of Escher's work): A Wearable Device to Help Visually Impaired Cross the Road
  • Meghna Sitaram (Video of Meghna's work): Visualizing Web Page Loads
  • Aditya Potdar

In the past, I have worked with some exceptional students at the University of Washington (UW), some of whom I continue to work with.