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Algorithms in C++ -- Sedgewick

Sedgewick's popular algorithms text Algorithms in C++ comes in several different language editions, including C, C++, and Modula-3. It distinguishes itself through the use of algorithm animation, and in its broad topic coverage, including numerical, string, and geometric algorithms.

The language specific parts of the text consist of many small code fragments, instead of full programs or subroutines. Thus they are best used as models rather than full implementations.

The program fragments from the C++ edition have been made available from

  • Robert Sedgewick's Webpage (contains source code from his recent books)

    Problem Links

    Robust Geometric Primitives (3)
    Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic (3)
    Random Number Generation (3)
    Range Search (3)
    Sorting (3)
    String Matching (3)
    Topological Sorting (3)
    Discrete Fourier Transform (2)
    Linear Programming (2)
    Matching (2)
    Minimum Spanning Tree (2)

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