Software from Scott Stoller's Research Group

Software developed by my research group is available here or by request.

Efficient and Extensible Policy Mining for Relationship-Based Access Control: An implementation of our Simplified Evolutionary Aglorithm (SEA) and Simplified Evolutionary Algorithm with Feature Selection (FS-SEA1 and FS-SEA*) for Relationship-Based Access Control (ReBAC) policy mining. These algorithms are described in our paper Updated 17 March 2019.

Synchronized Execution for DistAlgo: Synchronized execution, also called N-version execution, for DistAlgo.

Access Tracker: Track accesses to built-in types int, string, and tuple in Python and DistAlgo programs.

Bytecode Tracer: Bytecode-level tracing for Python and DistAlgo.

ReBAC Miner: an implementation of the algorithms for mining Relationship-Based Access Control (ReBAC) policies described in our Computers & Security paper. Updated 28 June 2018.

FACADE: an implementation of our Fast Access Control Algorithm with Distributed Evaluation (FACADE), described in our DBSec 2017 paper, "Fast Distributed Evaluation of Stateful Attribute-Based Access Control Policies". Also contains our implementation of the distributed coordinator algorithm in: Decat, Lagaisse, and Joosen, Scalable and secure concurrent evaluation of history-based access control policies, ACSAC 2015. Updated 21 March 2017.

Temporal Role Miner: an implementation of the TRBAC policy mining algorithms described in our paper Mining Hierarchical Temporal Roles with Multiple Metrics. Updated 21 August 2017.

Policy Evaluation for RPPM2: an implementation of the policy evaluation algorithm described in our DBSec 2015 paper. Updated 2 July 2015.

Mining ABAC Policies From Logs: an implementation of the policy mining algorithms described in our DBSec 2014 paper and CoRR 1403.5715 (an extended version of our DBSec 2014 paper). Updated 4 April 2014.

Mining ABAC Policies: an implementation of the policy mining algorithms described in our 2015 IEEE TDSC paper. Updated 16 August 2014.

Mining Meaningful Roles: an implementation of the role mining algorithms described in our SACMAT 2012 paper. Updated 17 April 2012.

Abductive Analysis of Administrative Policies in Rule-Based Access Control: an implementation of the policy analysis algorithms described in our 2014 IEEE TDSC paper. Updated 14 January 2014.

Policy Analysis using Logic-programming (PAL) for Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux): an implementation of the policy analysis described in our WITS 2004 paper.

Nachos-dfs: Nachos-3.4 plus Distributed File System Project. Version 2.1, December 1999. It runs under Linux and Solaris.