dar seminar - CR Ramakrishnan: Verification of Infinite-State Systems ...

		  Design and Analysis Research Seminar
			   Wed., Sept. 5, 2001
		       2-3pm, CS Seminar Room 1306

Verification of Infinite-State Systems using Constraint Logic Programming

			   CR Ramakrishnan

The LMC project started with the aim of leveraging Logic Programming
technology for system specification and verification. This talk will
focus on our recent work in verification of infinite-state
systems in this context: bisimulation checking for value-passing
processes (including "mobile" processes). Starting with a direct
encoding of bisimulation checking for the finite-state case, I will
describe the construction of various flavors of bisimulation checkers
for value-passing systems, their implementation as constraint logic
programs (CLP), and finally, the evaluation of the constraint programs
themselves. This (partially completed) work is being done jointly with:
Samik Basu, Madhavan Mukund, I.V. Ramakrishnan, Beata Sarna-Starosta,
Rakesh Verma and Ping Yang.

The speaker added that "the talk may not stick to the abstract very
closely, though :-)"

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