dar seminar: topics and talks

Hello.  The first meeting of the design and analysis research (dar)
seminar resulted in roughly the following main topics: modeling,
analysis and verification, synthesis and optimization, and logic
languages and efficient implementations.  Here is a list of talks we
have so far, many crossing multiple topics, for the semester:

  verifying infinite state systems -- CR Ramakrishnan
  pattern-based intrusion detection -- Prem Uppuluri
  model checking multi-threaded Java programs -- Scott Stoller
  program transformations for verifying protocols -- IV Ramakrishnan
  modeling and simulation -- Radu Grosu
  probabilistic process algebra -- Scott Smolka
  probabilistic IO automata -- Gene Stark
  planning and synthesis based on workflows -- Art Bernstein, Ziyang Duan
  database and knowledge representation -- Michael Kifer
  tabling and lazy evaluation for efficient evaluation -- David Warren
  design and optimization by incremental computation -- Annie Liu

Several other talks are also being planned.  Several outside speakers
were also suggested.

These are mostly based on discussions from last Wednesday and are by
no means exhaustive or fixed.  If you were not able to attend the
first meeting but would like to add to the list of topics and talks,
please feel free to let us know.  Other comments and suggestions are
also welcome.

Future announcements will be posted to msgs (newsgroup sbcs.general).
If you would like to receive announcements by email, please send a
message to Annie (liu@cs), and you will be added to the mailing list.

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