design and analysis research seminar

Greetings!  Here is the weekly

                 Design and Analysis Research Seminar

A number of faculty interested in various aspects of specifying,
analyzing, and constructing reliable and efficient systems have been
talking about organizing a weekly seminar that could gather together
people interested in related topics.  It is intended to be informal,
serving as a means for all of us to communicate about ideas, progress,
and results in the general area, which may be on principles,
foundations, applications, or tools.  The topics of meetings will be
driven by the participants, and we will make announcements before the

The meetings are scheduled on Wednesday afternoons 2-3:15pm in the CS
Seminar Room, CS 1306.

The first meeting will be on Wednesday, August 29, starting 2:30pm
(yes, that's tomorrow, and please note the special time).  It will be
an organizational meeting, in which everyone who wishes will be given
a couple of minutes to talk about what he or she has been working on,
or what he is interested in hearing in the seminar.  Everyone is also
encouraged to mention outside speakers or other outside events that
might be of interest.  We will then discuss the topics (and "vote" if
you want) and make up a schedule for the rest of the semester.

Please feel free to give us comments and suggestions.  We will do our
best to keep the topics of interest to the majority.  Tentatively,
Annie Liu is organizing the meetings for the fall, and Radu Grosu will
be in charge for the spring.

This is a good opportunity for everyone interested in related areas to
get together.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The official description is as follows.  Students are welcome to
register for the seminar.

	CSE667 Design and Analysis Research Seminar, 1 credit

Methods for constructing reliable and efficient computer systems.
Topics include: modeling and specification, analysis and verification,
design and optimization, code generation, simulation, and testing.
Tool support.  Applications and case studies.