dar seminar - Prem Uppuluri: Pattern Based Intrusion Detection

                Design and Analysis Research Seminar
                         Wed., Sept. 12, 2001
                     2-3pm, CS Seminar Room 1306

          Pattern-Matching Based Intrusion Detection Systems

                            Prem Uppuluri

Attacks on computing infrastructures have been growing over the last
decade.  The modes of attacks include exploiting software programming
bugs, incorrect configuration on systems or hardware or software
failures. Intrusion detection techniques have been shown to play
significant role in the detection of attacks. Pattern matching has
shown to be an important technique in intrusion detection approaches.
In this talk, I will present a pattern-matching based intrusion
detection approach which has the ability not only to detect, but also
prevent attacks. The salient features of the approach include an
easy-to-use specification language, and a fast pattern matching
algorithm.  The emphasis of my talk will be on writing specifications
on program behavior.

I will discuss the system implementation based on this approach and
its effectiveness and performance.