Having concluded its eighteenth installment, the Stony Brook University Game Programming Competition is an opportunity for our student game developers to work in teams to create original games and then together, enjoy their presentation. The games from 2022 were better than ever. Our 2022 event was held on Friday the 13th of May and students can start preparing their games for to 2023 event. The event is always open to the public free of charge, so all those interested are welcome to attend.

Over the years the contest has been judged by alumni in industry from companies like Nickelodeon Games, Rockstar Games, Microsoft, Vicarious Visions, Hi-Rez Studios, Applied Visions, Apple, Amazon, Kuma Reality Games, Roboto Games, Riot Games, Twitch, and many more. Students in the competition have gone on to work in industry on projects like The Sims, Skylanders, Geometry Wars, Neverwinter Nights, and many more. Some have even started their own game development companies, like BitOGenius Inc. Others have gone on to PhD programs at prestigious institutions like Stanford University.

Students who enter games in the contest have typically taken CSE 380, Computer Game Programming and/or CSE 381, Advanced Game Programming, but it is not required. The contest is held each May and it is a fun time for all who attend.

Competition History

Over the years there have been a number of great games presented. Here's a summary of the finalists. Winning teams are listed in green, second place teams in red. There was a tie for first in 2011 so there was no second place team.

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