Congratulations to Dan Brown for winning our 14th annual event with his game, Re/Ve and congrats to all students who made it to the finals. Your hard work is much appreciated. We look forward to our next competition in May 2019. In the meantime, browse this site for information on past competitions, and be sure view selected game trailers from past years via our YouTube Channel


Below are this year's finalists. Note that many have links to playable versions of the game.

Accelerando Accelerando
by Nick Castello, Timothy Hart, Charles Phillips
(play) (trailer)
by Jacky Lo, Christopher Wennedy, Feng Yuan
(play) (trailer)
Balanced Balanced
by Anthony Roy, Emerson Biro
(play) (trailer)
Re/Ve Re/Ve
by Dan Brown
by Alex Scarlatos, Joshua Cehulic, Marisa DePasquale
(play) (trailer)
Ribbit Ribbit
by Kevin Kuan, Steven Marturano, Steven Simione
(play) (trailer)
Grim Grid Grim Grid
by Naum Marten
(play) (trailer)
Rocket Race Rocket Race
by Alex Greenstein, Derek Zhang
Juno's Artifact Juno's Artifact
by Miraj Alam, Alden Pfeffer
(play) (trailer)
Rosie Rosie
by Jesse Talavera-Greenberg
Make Love Not War Make Love Not War
by Yiou Chen, Simon Ou Yang
(play) (trailer)
Sale Rush Sale Rush
by Simon Ou Yang, Bongsung Bae
(play) (trailer)
Mo Mo
by Jia Kong He, Haorui Huang, Shuojohn Li
(play) (trailer)
StarCuts StarCuts
by Aaron Brown, John Martin, Lawrence Yip
(play) (trailer)


Moshe Ben-Zacharia (The Body VR) - A finalist at the 2013 competition, since leaving Stony Brook Moshe has founded The Body VR, a company that aims to revolutionize healthcare through virtual reality.

Jimmy Bouker (Nickelodeon Games) - Jimmy's game "Touch It" won the 2014 competition. Jimmy now works as a Software Engineer for Nickelodeon Games in New York City.

Ryan Courtney (Game Designer) - A former CS grad student and Sifteo Game Jam Champion, Ryan now designs board games like his latest, Pipeline.

Charles Huang (Scholastic) - A former competition finalist and host, Charles now works in the world of educational applications, including games, at Scholastic.

Jessica Mortellaro (VCore Solutions) - A Stony Brook CS alum, Jessica now works as a Software Engineer at VCore Solutions, the makers of fourDscape, a real-time Internet of things visualizer.

Mike Pellechia (Applied Visions, Inc.) - Mike’s game, “Paddle Baddle” won the 2010 competition and he has since released a number of games through his own independent studio, Onslaught Studios. Mike currently works as a Software Engineer at Northport’s Applied Visions.

Brendan Rivers (Major League Baseball) - A finalist in both 2013 and 2014, Brendan has since released his game from 2014’s event, Frizzy, for WiiU and the Xbox One, and now works on RBI Baseball for Major League Baseball

Evan Saft (Applied Visions, Inc.) - A competition finalist in 2014, Evan now works as a Software Engineer for Northport's Applied Visions.

Alex Thomas (Applied Visions) - A competition finalist in 2006, Alex now works as a Software Engineer for Northport's Applied Visions.

Stefan Salva Cruz (Ironmark Games) - Since presenting his Shakespeare-based game Lost in Adaptation at the 2008 competition, Stefan has founded board game company Ironmark Games, where he has designed a number of titles.

Mike Sayan (Viacom) - Mike was a finalist in the Spring 2014 competition and finished second with his game Ricochet Hell in 2015. Mike now works as a Software Engineer for Viacom in New York City.

Sabrina Wagner (kidOYO) - A finalist at the 2015 competition, Sabrina now teaches kids how to make their own games at kidOYO. She also teaches Italian. Che bello!.

Mike Witkovsky (kidOYO) - A finalist at both the 2015 and 2016 competitions, Mike now also teaches kids how to make their own games at kidOYO. He does not teach Italian but likes cats.

Lisa Xu (CA Technologies) - A finalist in the 2013 competition. When she's not working on The Animated Poseur or winning Assasin's Creed Fan Art Contests Lisa is a Software Engineer at CA Technologies.

And of course, yet again, Harrison


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