Stphen Chen and John Benedict Vera have won Stony Brook University's 15th Annual Game Programming Competition with their game Walk in Shadows. The event was held on Friday, May 17th 2019 in the SAC Auditorium. Thank you to all the finalists, judges, family, and friends for attending. Links to playable Web versions of all games are provided below as is informtaion about our most recent event and all previous 14 competitions. Also be sure view game trailers from past years via our YouTube Channel


Break of Dawn Break of Dawn
by Jakob Buckley, David Song, Yuki Yoshinaga
(play) (trailer)
OctaTope OctaTope
by Elizabeth Albano, Joseph Shmitz
(play) (trailer)
Cateroids Cateroids
by Alexander Espinal, Zheng Lu, Kyle Simon
(play) (trailer)
Space Force Space Force
by Steven Zabolotny
(play (trailer)
Geometry Split Geometry Split
by Hong Jie Cen, Kristian Charbonneau, Henry Long
(play) (trailer)
Through the Ages Through the Ages
by Vincent Paladino, Nicholas Pirrello, Jakub Wlodek
(play) (trailer)
Hugh Mann Goes Home Hugh Mann Goes Home
by Yun Seob Lee, Benjamin Shu, Stefania Zimmerman
(play) (trailer)
Turncodes Turncodes
by Naum Marten
(play) (trailer)
Laser Jumper Laser Jumper
by Meagan Couture, Kadiatou Diallo, Matthew Tomko
(play) (trailer)
University Simulator University Simulator
by Ilan Kleiman, Shih-Chuan Lin, Dhruba Roy
(play) (trailer
Malware Types Malware Types
by Kelvin Tsai, Steven Zabolotny
(play) (trailer)
Walk in Shadow Walk in Shadow
by Stephen Chen, John Benedict Vera
(play) (trailer)


Miraj Alam (Digital Continue) - A two-time competition finalst, Miraj now works as a developer for ?.

Moshe Ben-Zacharia (The Body VR) - A finalist at the 2013 competition, since leaving Stony Brook Moshe has founded The Body VR, a company that aims to revolutionize healthcare through virtual reality.

Dan Brown (Applied Visions, Inc.) - Winner of the 2017 competition Dan now works as a Software Engineer for AVI.

Ryan Courtney (Capstone Games) - A PhD Candidate and game designer of the board game Pipeline.

Alec Day (Game Designer) - A three-time finalist, former SBGD president, and event host, Alec now works as a developer and part time game designer.

Gerrard Lukacs (Google) - A a two-time competition finalist, Gerrard now works as a Software Engineer for Google.

Brandon Magaddino (Applied Visions, Inc.) - A CS alum, Brandon has served as a judge for our annual Ren'Py Jam and currently works as a Software Engineer for AVI.

Steven Marturano (Applied Visions, Inc.) - A 2017 competition finalist, Steven now works as a Software Engineer for AVI.

Jessica Mortellaro (VCore Solutions) - A Stony Brook CS alum, Jessica now works as a Software Engineer at VCore Solutions, the makers of fourDscape, a real-time Internet of things visualizer.

Alice Quiros (Google) - A finalist in 2015 for Falling Simulator 2015, Alice now works for a little start-up company called Google,

Ken Ramos (Eduware) - A finalist in 2016 with the team that developed Victory Trails, Ken now works as a Software Engineer at Eduware, an educational technology company that makes sortware for teachers.

Brendan Rivers (Statespace) - A finalist in both 2013 and 2014, Brendan has since released his game from 2014’s event, Frizzy, for WiiU and the Xbox One, and now works for the eSports platform Statespace

Tom Rothamel (Ren'py) - A BS and PhD alum, Tom is the creator of the Ren'py Visual Novel Engine, which has been used to make more than 1000 published games.

Evan Saft (Applied Visions, Inc.) - A competition finalist in 2014, Evan now works as a Software Engineer for Northport's Applied Visions.

Mike Sayan (Viacom) - Mike was a finalist in the Spring 2014 competition and finished second with his game Ricochet Hell in 2015. Mike now works as a Software Engineer for Viacom in New York City.

Sabrina Wagner (kidOYO) - A finalist at the 2015 competition, Sabrina now teaches kids how to make their own games at kidOYO. She also teaches Italian. Che bello!.

Mike Witkovsky (kidOYO) - A finalist at both the 2015 and 2016 competitions, Mike now also teaches kids how to make their own games at kidOYO. He does not teach Italian but likes cats.


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