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Soviet and Eastern European Affairs

During 1968 - 1980 I was an active participant of Polish dissident movement. In particular, since 1976 I was a close collaborator of Workers Defence Committee - KOR.

During 1980 - 86 I offered:

A year course Polish Language and Composition at Wesleyan University. One student from this class, Laura Crago finally obtained Ph.D in Polish History at Yale University.
Delivered a series of lectures and panel discussions on Polish Dissident Movement at Rutgers University (NJ), Wesleyan University(CT), Carlton College (Min) and Lafayette College (Pa).
Published a 4 page long interview: Crisis in Poland: An Insider Sketches Its Origins for Lafayette Alumni Quarterly, Fall 1981.
Published an article War and Justice, Poland Watch, No.1 (Fall 1982), pp 29 -41.
Taught summer courses (1984 and 1985) Polish Fight for Freedom at Lafayette College.
Developed and taught Senior Colloquium Technology, Culture and Values: Soviet Model at Lafayette College. The course was pronounced by prof. Loren. A. Graham (MIT) the best course of this type offered to undergraduates in the US.

Modern Art

Shows of pen and ink drawings in

CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY, June 1989.
Willard Straight Gallery, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, March 1988.
"IMAGES" - with Robero Diaz.
Lafayette College, Easton, PA, April - May 1886.
"PORTRAIT" - with Robero Diaz and Wanda Siedlecka.
Daro Cafe-Gallery, New York, NY, April 27 - June 10, 1985.
"FLYING STONES - abstract and concrete world of Anita".
Drawings, graphics, writing, collected objects, mathematics.
University of Mons, Belgium, July 1979.

Works on permanent display at

SUNY at Stony Brook, CS Library, 1987 - present.
Gallery EAST MAIN, East Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY, 1990 -present.
Gallery WITTNEY ONE, 1 Wittney Av., New Haven, CT, 1988 -1990.

Works in private collections in

USA: New York, NY, Port Jefferson, NY, Easton, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC.
FRANCE: Paris, Gif-sur-Yvette, Vezinet-le- Peq.

Drawings published in

The Marquis, Vol.5, N1, Winter 1984, pp 3, 8.
The Marquis, Vol.6, N1, Winter 1985, pp 14, 15.
Wartosci, Polish Literary Quarterly, New York, NY, Vol 5, N2, 1985, pp 73 - 83.

Poetry translations published in

The Marquis, Vol. 6N1, Winter 86, Interlude Cycle, pp 14,15.
Lafayette Alumni Quarterly, Vol. 53, N2, Fall 1981, p 13.


Ice skating (Dance). Champion of Poland (1959 -62)
Registered International Judge in Ice Skating (Dance) - judged all major national and international competitions in Ice Dancing in years 1973 - 1980.