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Ranger - Nearest Neighbor Search in Higher Dimensions

Ranger is a tool for visualizing and experimenting with nearest neighbor and orthogonal range queries in high-dimensional data sets, using multidimensional search trees. It was developed by Michael Murphy as his masters project under Steven Skiena at Stony Brook.

Four different search data structures are supported by Ranger:

Ranger supports queries in up to 25 dimensions for all data structures, under any Minkowski metric.

Each of these data structures can be applied each of several different applications, including $k$-nearest neighbor graphs and orthogonal range queries. Timing data and algorithm animations can be used to study the performance of these data structures.

Because kd-trees are heuristic data structures, their performance can be dramatically effected by the distribution of the data. {\em Ranger} includes generators for a variety of distributions in arbitrary dimensions, including several degenerate distributions Bentley has noted tend to frustrate heuristic data structures.

Ranger provides a number of features to aid in visualizing multi-dimensional data. Arbitrary two- or three-dimensional projections of a higher dimensional data set can be viewed. To identify the most appropriate projection at a glance, Ranger provides a d*d matrix of all two-dimensional projections of the data set. In any three-dimensional projections, rotation along arbitrary axes can be used to facilitate understanding.

For each of the four search data structures, a graphic representation of the space division is provided. This provides considerable insight into the appropriateness of a data structure for a particular distribution. Ideally, the search space is decomposed into fat, regularly-sized regions, but this is often not possible with degenerate distributions. Further, Ranger can animate a nearest-neighbor search, by highlighting each region as it is visited, for any two- or three-dimensional projection.

Ranger is written in C, using Motif. It runs on Silicon Graphics and HP workstations.

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