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3D Convex Hull algorithm in Java

Joseph O'Rourke is Olin Professor of Computer Science at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. His text Computational Geometry in C has become one of the definitive computational geometry resources. The programs coded in the text have been made freely available by anonymous ftp from Smith College and have been included at this site as well.

In this distribution are standard C and Java language routines for simple computational geometric methods (determining whether a point lies inside a polygon, for instance) as well as robust implementations of complex computational geometry algorithms. Addressed are problems in motion planning, nearest neighbor determination (through the use of Delaunay triangulations and Voronoi diagrams), polygon intersection, convex hull computation, and polygon triangulation.

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    Convex Hull (8)
    Robust Geometric Primitives (8)
    Intersection Detection (5)
    Nearest Neighbor Search (4)
    Motion Planning (3)
    Point Location (3)
    Voronoi Diagrams (3)
    Triangulation (2)

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