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Steven Skiena
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Moret and Shapiro's Algorithms P to NP

This algorithms text distinguishes itself by including Pascal implementations of many algorithms, with careful experimental comparisons of different algorithms for such problems as sorting and minimum spanning tree, and heuristics for the traveling salesman problem. It provides a useful model for how to properly do empirical algorithm analysis.

The programs themselves are probably best used as models. Interesting implementations include the eight-queens problem, fundamental graph and geometric algorithms.

The programs in the book have been made available by anonymous ftp from in directory /pub/moret_shapiro.

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    Problem Links

    Minimum Spanning Tree (7)
    Sorting (7)
    Connected Components (4)
    Edge and Vertex Connectivity (4)
    Discrete Fourier Transform (4)
    Matching (4)
    Network Flow (4)
    Set Data Structures (4)
    Robust Geometric Primitives (3)
    Graph Data Structures (3)
    Intersection Detection (3)
    Priority Queues (3)
    Searching (3)
    Topological Sorting (3)
    Convex Hull (2)
    Nearest Neighbor Search (2)
    Point Location (2)

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