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GraphEd -- Graph Editor and Layout Program

GraphEd is a graph editor by Michael Himsolt, which provides graph layout algorithms and an interface for application modules. It provides a wide variety of graph drawing algorithms -- including spring embeddings and special algorithms for drawing trees, DAGs, and planar graphs. GraphEd is probably the best place to start if you are looking for graph drawing software or algorithms. GraphEd is written in ANSI C, for UNIX systems running X-windows.

GraphEd is available for non-commercial use via anonymous ftp from `' ( in `/pub/local/graphed' or from our local site. In our experience, it does crash from time to time, but it is a large and sophisticated piece of software which has been fairly widely and successfully used.

  • Download Files (local site)
  • Graph Drawing Tools Page
  • Graphlet webpage (successor system to GraphEd)

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