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Prolog as a Procedural Programming Language

Prolog, as a programming language, is a little unusual. It can be understood as a standard procedural language with two unusual properties. It is a procedural language like Pascal or Algol. One programs in a procedural language by writing procedures that carry out particular operations. One specifies what a procedure is to do by using primitive statements and by invoking other procedures. Prolog procedures have only local variables and all the information that a procedure can use or produce must be passed through its arguments.

C can be viewed as a procedural language by thinking of using it without functions; i.e., all functions return void, and information is passed to and from functions through their arguments only.

In Prolog, procedures are called predicates. The two unusual aspects of Prolog are:

Prolog has assign-once variables, and
Prolog is nondeterministic.


David S. Warren