Graph Animations with Combinatorica

Combinatorica ( is system for research and teaching in discrete mathematics, particularly combinatorics and graph theory. Combinatorica makes it easy to construct graphs and other combinatorial objects, determine their properties, and display them in revealing ways.

To highlight the power and beauty of Combinatorica graphics, we have put together a collection of animations of several important graph-theoretic topics and algorithms. For each animation, we provide an animated GIF file as well as a Mathematica notebook providing the code which we used to construct the animation.

See our associated book: Computational Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics and Graph Theory with Mathematica by Sriram Pemmaraju and Steven Skiena, Cambridge University Press, 2003 for more information about Combinatorica.


  Breadth First Search/Depth First Search
  Evolution of Connected Components
  Hamiltonian Cycle
  Eulerian Cycle
  Dijkstra's Algorithm
  Transitive Closure with Graph Powering
  Minimal Spanning Tree

These animations were constructed by King Larry Mak at Stony Brook.