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Other database operations:

FIELDS is the field specification as in SQL.

eg. db_create_table('DEPT', 'DEPTNO NUMBER(2),
                             DNAME VARCHAR2(14),
                             LOC VARCHAR2(13)').

db_create_index('TABLE_NAME','INDEX_NAME', index(_,Fields))
Fields is the list of columns for which an index is requested. For example:

db_create_index('EMP', 'EMP_KEY', index(_,'DEPTNO, EMPNO')).

To delete a table named 'TABLE_NAME'

To delete a view named 'VIEW_NAME'

To delete an index named 'INDEX_NAME'

These following predicates are the supported PRODBI syntax for deleting and inserting rows:

arguments are a list composed of field values and the table name to insert the row.

delete_record('DEPT', [40,_,_])
to delete rows from 'DEPT' matching the list of values mentioned in second argument.

For other SQL statements use db_sql/1 with the SQL statement as the first argument. For example:

db_sql('grant connect to fred identified by bloggs')).

Baoqiu Cui