CSE 114 - Summer 2021 session 1

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming


Course Description

An introduction to procedural and object-oriented programming methodology. Topics include program structure, conditional and iterative programming, procedures, arrays and records, object classes, encapsulation, information hiding, inheritance, polymorphism, file I/O, and exceptions. Includes required laboratory. This course has been designated as a High Demand/Controlled Access (HD/CA) course. Students registering for HD/CA courses for the first time will have priority to do so. (https://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/students/Undergraduate-Studies/courses/CSE114)


Class Number: 65250
Session: Summer I - Z Extended
Instruction Mode: Online Synchronous
Dates: 5/24/2021 - 7/17/2021
SOLAR Class Notes: Summer 2021: Synchronous Online. Course requires three proctored, online examinations on 6/16, 6/30 and 7/14. To take this course, students must have access to a computer with a webcam, microphone and reliable Internet connection.
YouTube channel for past semesters: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRvJ_2dlxL9EIVcjN__ApbyXFiocOSbZM (Spring 2021), https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRvJ_2dlxL9ECXq1DQyABaCjHOUlpXl00 (Summer 2018)


Instructor: Dr. Paul Fodor
214 New Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University
Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 5-6:30PM on Google Meet only: https://meet.google.com/xyu-jhqc-bdx
Phone: 1 (631) 632-9820
Email: paul.fodor@stonybrook.edu

Class Time and Place

  • Lecture: MoWe 9:30AM - 11:30AM, online on Zoom (see Blackboard for link).
  • Laboratory: MoWe 11:45AM - 1:00PM, online on Zoom (same link used by the lecture).

Lecture Notes and Reading Assignments

The following schedule is tentative and subject to change. The homework assignments and labs are posted on Blackboard: http://blackboard.stonybrook.edu

Week Date Lecture Topics/Notes Readings
1 Mo. 5/24 Administrative (course information) , Introduction to Computers, Programs, and Java JDK & Eclipse Tutorials from Liang companion Web site, ABET , Read Liang ch. 1
Wed. 5/26 Elementary Programming Read Liang ch. 2
Fri. 5/28 Selections Read Liang ch. 3
2 Mo. 5/31 Memorial Day, campus closed Summer 2021 calendar: https://www.stonybrook.edu/summer/calendar/
Wed. 6/2 Mathematical Functions, Characters, and Strings , Loops Read Liang chs. 4 and 5
3 Mo. 6/7 Methods Read Liang ch. 6
Wed. 6/9 Arrays Read Liang ch. 7
4 Mo. 6/14 Multidimensional Arrays Read Liang ch. 8
Wed. 6/16 MIDTERM EXAM 1: during class time (120 minutes) on LockDown Browser with Monitoring See schedule in SOLAR: http://it.stonybrook.edu/services/solar
5 Mo. 6/21 Objects and Classes Read Liang ch. 9, Enumerated Types
Wed. 6/23 Object-Oriented Thinking Read Liang ch. 10
6 Mo. 6/28 Inheritance and Polymorphism Read Liang ch. 11
Wed. 6/30 MIDTERM EXAM 2: during class time (120 minutes) on LockDown Browser with Monitoring See schedule in SOLAR: http://it.stonybrook.edu/services/solar
7 Mo. 7/5 Exception Handling and Text I/O Read Liang ch. 12
Wed. 7/7 Abstract Classes and Interfaces Read Liang ch. 13
8 Mo. 7/12 Recursion Read Liang ch. 18
Wed. 7/14 FINAL EXAM: during class time (120 minutes) on LockDown Browser with Monitoring n/a

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