Niranjan's Home page.

Niranjan Balasubramanian

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Stony Brook University
niranjan at cs dot stonybrook dot edu
Google scholar profile.

I am motivated by the challenge of building systems that can extract, understand, and reason with information in natural language texts.

Here is a listing of active research projects:

  1. Explainable Natural Language Inference -- This NSF supported project, under award numbers 1815358 (Stony Brook University) and 1815948 (University of Arizona), focuses on developing explainable inference algorithms. Applications include question answering, and relation extraction. This is a collaborative research effort with co-investigators Prof. Peter Jansen and Prof. Mihai Surdeanu from University of Arizona.
  2. Modeling Event Knowledge -- This NSF supported project focuses on acquiring knowledge about how events typically unfold and who their main participants are. This is a collaborative research effort with Prof. Nate Chambers at the US Naval Academy.
  3. Private Intelligence Assistance -- This project focuses on delivering privacy focused NLP applications that can run on user devices.
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