Visual Analytics and Imaging Laboratory (VAI Lab)
Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University, NY

The Immersive Cabin

Feng Qiu, Bin Zhang, Kaloian Petkov, Lance Chong, Arie Kaufman, Klaus Mueller, Xianfeng David Gu

Abstract: We present a novel custom-built 3D immersive environment, called the Immersive Cabin (IC). The IC is fully enclosed with an automatic door on the rear screen, and thus very different from existing CAVE environments. Our IC, the construction of the projection screens and stereo projectors as well as the calibration procedure are explained in details. The projectors are driven by our Visual Computing cluster for computation and rendering. Three applications that have been developed on the IC are described, 3D virtual colonoscopy, dispersion simulation for urban security, and 3D imagery and artistic creations.

Teaser: A computer model of the immersive cabin with the rear door open.

Teaser Image

There are fuve projected walls -- four side walls (9.67'.wide and 7.25' tall) and the floor of size 9.67' x 9.67'. The walls are rear-projected while the floor is front-projected by ways of a mirror hung at 45 degrees mounted on the top alumiinum trusses.

Video:This video shows an immersive protein visualization. Please note that such a video can only convey a limited impression of the viewing experience one would enjoy when wearing head-tracked 3D glasses (like co-author Kal Petkov who is controlling the visualization here).

Paper: F. Qiu, B. Zhang, K. Petkov, L. Chong, A. Kaufman, K. Mueller, X. Gu, "The Immersive Cabin," International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC), (in Springer Lecture Notes In Computer Science; Vol. 5358), pp. 891-900, Las Vegas, NV, December 2008. pdf

Funding: NSF granst CCF-0702699, CCF-0448399, DMS-0528363, DMS-0626223