Onboarding and Graduation checklists

Onboarding checklist

  • Subscribe to the mailing lists

    • Send email to the web master to be added to one of the mailing lists: (cvlab, cvlab-ms, cvlab-phd)@cs.stonybrook.edu. Aslo ask him/her to list you as an active student on the lab website.

    • Send email to the CV seminar administrator to be added to the computer vision seminar list: cvseminars@cs.stonybrook.edu

  • Create an account for the GPU cluster.

    • Send email to the cluster admin and me.

Graduation checklist

  • Un-subscribe to the mailing lists and join the appropriate one:

    • Send email to the web master to be removed from the mailing lists: (cvlab, cvlab-ms, cvlab-phd)@cs.stonybrook.edu and be added to the alumni mailing list. Also, ask him/her to move you from the list of active students to alumni.

  • Clean up your GPU cluster account

    • Delete unnecessary files

    • Backup your data

    • Send email to the cluster admin to freeze/delete your account

People to contact: