A Special Seminar at NYU

Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 15:56:26 -0500 (EST)
From: Benjamin Goldberg <goldberg@cs.nyu.edu>
Subject: Special Seminar, Friday 1/11 at 11am

A special seminar will be held this Friday at 11am on the 7th floor of
715 Broadway.  The speakers, Patrick and Radhia Cousot, have been very
influential in program analysis and transformation for the past several

When: Friday, January 11 at 11am
Where: The 7th floor lounge (room 714), 715 Broadway

 Formalization of Program Transformation by Abstract Interpretation.

		    Patrick Cousot & Radhia Cousot

The first part of the talk is a rapid and intuitive survey of abstract
interpretation, the notion of conservative approximations and
information loss, the formalization of fixpoint semantic
approximations by Galois connections, the use of abstract
interpretation as a thinking tool and its use to design mechanical
tools based upon effectively computable approximations.

In the second part we introduce a new application of abstract
interpretation to program transformation. The objective is not to
formalize the static program analyses used in offline program
transformations, which is classical, but to formalize the program
transformation itself as an abstract interpretation. Beyond
correctness proofs, this new point of view leads to a program
transformation design method which is rapidly illustrated on
constant propagation. We conclude by discussing perspectives on
using this new approach to compiler correctness proofs.

The talk is based on our POPL '02 paper (see