dar seminar - end of semester

We decided that there is no seminar tomorrow, as everyone is busy with
final preparation and so on.  Instead of speaking tomorrow, IV will be
the first speaker next semester, and instead of talking about fold and
unfold for verification as he originally planned, he will speak about

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the seminar so far, either as a
speaker or as an attendee.  You could see an archive of the abstracts
at http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~liu/darseminar/maillist.html. I found the
talks really great:)

Michael Kifer has kindly agreed to organize it in the spring, and Radu
will be organizing it in fall of 2002.  If you are interested in
speaking at the seminar or have a visitor who would like to, you could
talk to any one of us.  We already have many possible talks, almost
filling up next semester.  Students may register for the seminar as
described below.

Happy Holidays!

--        CSE667 Design and Analysis Research Seminar, 1 credit

Methods for constructing reliable and efficient computer systems.
Topics include: modeling and specification, analysis and verification,
design and optimization, code generation, simulation, and testing.
Tool support.  Applications and case studies.