dar seminar - Herbert Bernstein: To Transpose or Not to Transpose ...

		 Design and Analysis Research Seminar
                         Wed., Sept. 26, 2001
                     2-3pm, CS Seminar Room 1306

	To transpose or not to transpose; that is the question --
			performance issues in
	the use of Java-based XML software for real-world problems

			  Herbert Bernstein

An introduction to some of the issues that arise when trying to use
java-based software to handle some large XML documents, and directions
to explore for solutions.  As XML is used increasingly as a language
for expression of documents, performance in real-world applications
becomes important.  When languages with highly dynamic memory
allocation and garbage collection are used to parse XML documents into
trees, parse times for some document structures display near
exponential slowdowns.  For some large arrays with long columns and
short rows, mapping of a row-wise tree into a column-wise tree can
rescue the situation.  A more complete understanding of these and
similar performance issues will be needed as XML becomes more widely