Himanshu Gupta


Professor, Dept. of Computer Science

Director, Center for Quantum Computing and Networking

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook NY 11794


Office: NCS 335 Building
Email: hgupta@cs.stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631 632-8446


Teaching (Spring 2015): Foundations of Computers Science (CSE 215); Theory of Database Systems (CSE 532).

Research: Quantum Networks, Distributed Quantum Processing, Shared Spectrum management.

Lab: Wireless Networking and Simulations Lab (WINGS)

Current Projects: Entanglement Distribution in Quantum Networks, Distributed Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensor Network Applications, Spectrum Allocation and Patrolling.

Past: B.Tech. (CSE), IIT Bombay, 1992; Ph.D. (CS; Advisor: Jeff Ullman), Stanford. 1999.





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