9:00 am - 9:30 am Breakfast
Opening Remarks
Prof. Samir R. Das, Professor and Chair of Computer Science at Stony Brook
Understanding Human Hands in Visual Data
Supreeth Narasimhaswamy
Detecting Dissonant Stance in Social Media: The Role of Topic Exposure  
Vasudha Varadarajan, Nikita Soni, Weixi Wang, Christian Luhmann, H. Andrew Schwartz, Naoya Inoue
MagNET: Modality-Agnostic Network for Brain Tumor Characterization with Missing Modalities
Aishik Konwer, Chao Chen, Prateek Prasanna
Taming Entangled Accessibility Forum Threads for Efficient Screen Reading
Anand Aiyer
Brain Cancer Survival Prediction on Pre-treatment MRI using Deep Anchor Attention Learning
Xuan Xu, Prateek Prasanna
Learning Topological Interactions for Multi-Class Medical Image Segmentation  
Saumya Gupta
  11:15 am - 11:30 am Break
Title: Computer Science, Empiricism, and Better Neural Networks
Chief Scientist at MosaicML
Incoming Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Harvard
Poster Presenters (Theory)
Discrete Outcome Quantum Sensor Networks
Caitao Zhan, Himanshu Gupta
Multisecant Extensions of Quasi-Newton method
Mokhwa Lee, Yifan Sun
A Multistep Frank-Wolfe Method
Zhaoyue Chen, Yifan Sun

Poster Presenters (Systems & Security)
How To Accelerate Training Certifiably Robust Neural Networks
Pratik Vaishnavi, Amir Rahmati
Fingerprinting Web Applications
Brian Kondracki, Nick Nikiforakis
Tuning Cloud Services
Gagan Somashekar, Anshul Gandhi
Domains Do Change Their Spots
Johnny So, Nick Nikiforakis
Debloating Web Applications
Babak AminAzad, Nick Nikiforakis

Poster Presenters (Information and Intelligent Systems)
Robust Mental Health Assessments in Time and Space through Social Meidan Language Analyses
Siddharth Mangalik, H. Andrew Schwartz
Using Commonsense Knowledge to Answer Why Questions
Yash Kumar Lal, Niranjan Balasubramanian
Incentivizing Rideshare Sensing Agents via Reinforcement Learning
Mohib Azam, Susu Xu
Contextualized Medication Event Extraction
Noushin Salek Faramarzi, Ritwik Banerjee
Incontext Lexicon Utilization for Semantic Parsing of Software Specification
Md. Saqib Hasan, Niranjan Balasubramanian
Belief Miner: A Methodology for Causal Knowledge and Misconception Discovery from General Populations
Shahreen Salim Aunti, Klaus Mueller
Addressing Class Imbalance in Semi-supervised Image Segmentation: A Study on Cardiac MRI
Hritam Basak, Zhaozheng Yin
Audio Analysis of Healthy Aging in World War II Veterans
Yunting Yin, Steven Skiena
Learning Viewpoint-Agnostic Visual Representations by Recovering Tokens in 3D Space
Jinghuan Shang, Michael Ryoo
ViTag: Online WiFi Fine Time Measurements Aided Vision-Motion Identity Association in Multi-person Environments
Bo (Bryan) Cao, Shubham Jain
The Effects of Color and Familiar Visual Context on Chart Comprehension and Memorability
Amit Kumar Das, Klaus Mueller
Aligning Large Natural Language Documents
Tanzir Pial, Steven Skiena
Too Good To Be True: Exploring the Ecosystem of Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scams
Xigao Li, Nick Nikiforakis, Amir Rahmati
eAudit: A Deployable System for Audit Data Collection  
Hanke Kimm, R. Sekar
AccessWear: Making Smartphone Applications Accessible to Blind Users
Prerna Khanna, Aruna Balasubramanian
Leveraging Earables for Unvoiced Command Recognition
Tanmay Srivastava, Shubham Jain
Access Control for Augmented Reality Systems
Sanket Goutam, Amir Rahmati, Arie Kaufman
  3:00 pm - 3:15 pm Break
Subset Node Anomaly Tracking over Large Dynamic Graphs
Xingzhi Guo, Baojian Zhou
GraphZeppelin: Processing Enormous, Changing Graphs
Evan West, Michael Bender
Provable Observation Noise Robustness for Neural Network Control Systems
Veena Krish, Andrew Mata
Single and Multiple Secretary Selection with ML Advice
Arghya Bhattacharya, Michael Bender, Rezaul Chowdhury
Runtime-Assured Microgrid Control  
Shouvik Roy
TBA ...
  5:15 pm - 5:30 pm Awards and Closing Ceremony




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