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Bhavya Ghai

भव्य घई

(BHav-ye GHa-ee)

Applied Scientist


bghai at cs dot stonybrook dot edu

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Dr. Bhavya Ghai is an Applied Scientist at Amazon. As a part of the People eXperience and Technology Central Science Team (PXTCS), he works on algorithmic fairness and natural language processing. Previously, he was a PhD Candidate, advised by Prof. Klaus Mueller, at the Computer Science department, Stony Brook University. His research, at the intersection of Machine Learning (ML), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Data Visualization, focuses on human-centered AI approach to audit and mitigate algorithmic bias at different stages of the ML pipeline. This includes building visual interactive systems, conducting empirical studies, and developing ML models to tackle social biases based on gender, race, etc. from tabular datasets, word embeddings and classification models. His work has been featured at top-tier venues like IEEE VIS, ACM CIKM, CHI, CSCW, DIS and ASSETS. He is the recipient of multiple awards including Bloomberg Immersion fellowship, Data Science for Social Good fellowship by Georgia Tech, Chairman Fellowship Award by Stony Brook University, Junior Researcher Award by the Institute of Advanced Computational Sciences, etc. During his academic life, he interned at prestigious institutions like Twitter, IBM Research, Bell Labs, Georgia Tech and IIT Delhi. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior in 2016.

Research Interests:

  • Algorithmic Fairness
  • Human-Centered AI
  • Data Visualization
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Explainable AI
  • Human Computer Interaction

Recent Updates

Portrayal Icon

Portrayal: Leveraging NLP and Visualization for Analyzing Fictional Characters
Md Naimul Hoque, Bhavya Ghai, Kari Kraus and Niklas Elmqvist
ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, DIS 2023
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Cascade Icon

Cascaded Debiasing: Studying the Cumulative Effect of Multiple Fairness-Enhancing Interventions
Bhavya Ghai, Mihir Mishra and Klaus Mueller
ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Atlanta, CIKM 2022
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DramatVis Icon

DramatVis Personae: Visual Text Analytics for Identifying Social Biases in Creative Writing
Md Naimul Hoque, Bhavya Ghai and Niklas Elmqvist
ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, DIS 2022
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Fluent Icon

Fluent: An AI Augmented Writing Tool for People who Stutter
Bhavya Ghai and Klaus Mueller
ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility, ASSETS 2021
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arXiv Paper

WordBias: An Interactive Visual Tool for Discovering Intersectional Biases Encoded in Word Embeddings
Bhavya Ghai, Md Naimul Hoque, Klaus Mueller
ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (LBW), CHI 2021
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arXiv Paper

Explainable Active Learning (XAL): Toward AI Explanations as Interfaces for Machine Teachers
Bhavya Ghai, Q. Vera Liao, Yunfeng Zhang, Rachel Bellamy, Klaus Mueller
ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, CSCW 2020
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arXiv Paper

Active Learning++: Incorporating Annotator's Rationale using Local Model Explanation
Bhavya Ghai, Q. Vera Liao, Yunfeng Zhang, Klaus Mueller
Data Science with Human in the Loop Workshop
ACM Conference on Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, KDD 2020
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arXiv Paper
Measuring Social Biases of Crowd Workers using Counterfactual Queries
Bhavya Ghai, Q. Vera Liao, Yunfeng Zhang, Klaus Mueller
Fair & Responsible AI Workshop
ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Hawaii, CHI 2020
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AAAI-20 poster
Does Speech enhancement of publicly available data help build robust Speech Recognition Systems?
Bhavya Ghai, Buvana Ramanan, Klaus Mueller
AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (extended abstract), New York, NY, AAAI 2020
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MDS paper

Visualization of Multivariate Data with Network Constraints using Multi-Objective Optimization.
Bhavya Ghai, Alok Mishra, Klaus Mueller
IEEE Visualization Conference (extended abstract), Phoenix, AZ, VIS 2017
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DSSG Atlanta paper
Using data science as a community advocacy tool to promote equity in urban renewal programs: An analysis of Atlanta's Anti-Displacement Tax Fund.
Jeremy Auerbach, Hayley Barton, Takeria Blunt, Vishwamitra Chaganti, Bhavya Ghai, Amanda Meng, Christopher Blackburn, Ellen Zegura
Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange, New York, NY, D4GX 2017
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Path planning paper

Wave Front Method Based Path Planning Algorithm for Mobile Robots.
Bhavya Ghai, Anupam Shukla
International Conference on ICT for Intelligent Systems, Ahmedabad, ICTIS 2016
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Wireless sensor paper

Energy Efficient Dynamic Nearest Node Election for Localizations of Mobile Node in Wireless Sensor Networks.
Bhavya Ghai, Girish Pradeep Bindalkar, Sanjeev Sharma, Anupam Shukla
IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence & Computing Research, ICCIC 2015
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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Master of Science (M.S.)
Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University
PhD Adviser: Prof. Klaus Mueller
PhD Thesis: Tackling Algorithmic Bias through Human Centered AI
B.Tech + M.Tech (Integrated 5-year program)
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior
Adviser: Prof. Anupam Shukla
Master's Thesis: Multi-level Ensemble Learning based Recommender System


Applied Scientist
Mentor: Dr. Srinivasan Sengamedu
New York, NY
Engineering Intern
Twitter (META team)
Mentor: Dr. Yunfeng Zhang
Research Intern
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Mentor: Dr. Q. Vera Liao
Yorktown Heights, NY
Research Intern
Nokia Bell Labs
Mentor: Buvana Ramanan
Murray Hill, NJ
Data Science for Social Good Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mentor: Prof. Ellen W. Zegura
Atlanta, GA
Teaching Assistant
Stony Brook University
CSE 564 Data Visualization, CSE 214 Data Structures, CSE 337 Scripting Languages, CSE 303 Theory of Computation
Stony Brook, NY
Research Intern
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Adviser: Prof. G. N. Tiwari
Delhi, India

Awards & Fellowships

Young Writer’s Award
Institute of Advanced Computational Sciences, Stony Brook University
Best Research Talk Award
Graduate Research Day, Stony Brook
Winner, 3 Minute Thesis Competition
Stony Brook University
Junior Researcher Award
Institute of Advanced Computational Sciences, Stony Brook University
2018, 2019
Data Science for Social Good Fellowship (Declined)
University of Washington
Bloomberg Immersion Fellow
Data Science for Social Good Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
Chairman’s Fellowship Award
CS Department, Stony Brook University
Post Graduate Scholarship
All India Council for Technical Education
2015, 2016

Technical Skills

  • Programming: Python, Javascript, C++, Java, SQL, R
  • Data Analytics: Jupyter Notebook, PyTorch, Keras, Spark
  • Visualization: D3.js, Plotly.js, Google Charts, Leaflet, Matplotlib


  • Oracle Certified Java Professional, Java SE6, 2014 [PDF]
  • Served as Volunteer for ACM FAccT 2021, ACM IUI 2021, NeurIPS 2020, ACM CSCW 2020, IEEE VIS 2020, PyCon 2018, DSSG Chicago 2017
  • Panel Speaker, Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange, 2017
  • Travel Grant Award, Data Science for Social Good Conference, Chicago, 2017
  • Full Silver Scholarship, ODSC Boston, 2018
  • Travel Grant Award, PyCon, Cleveland, 2018
  • Conference Scholarship, Fairness, Accountability & Transparency conference, New York, 2017
  • Reviewer - IEEE PacificVis 2021, ACM SIGCHI 2022, ACM DIS 2022, IEEE VIS 2022
  • Open Source Contributor - IBM AIF360