Conference Publications

Predicting Network Buffer Capacity for BBR Fairness
Ibrahim Umit Akgun, Santiago Vargas, Michael Arkhangelskiy, Andrew Burford, Michael McNeill, Aruna Balasubramanian, Anshul Gandhi, and Erez Zadok
ML for Systems 2022 (co-located with Neurips) [pdf]

BBR Bufferbloat in DASH Video
Santiago Vargas, Rebecca Drucker, Aiswarya Renganathan, Anshul Gandhi, and Aruna Balasubramanian
WWW 2021 [pdf] [code]

When to use and when not to use BBR: An empirical analysis and evaluation study
Yi Cao, Arpit Jain, Kriti Sharma, Aruna Balasubramanian, Anshul Gandhi
IMC 2019 [pdf] [code]

ECON: Modeling the network to improve application performance
Yi Cao, Javad Nejati, Aruna Balasubramanian, Anshul Gandhi
IMC 2019 [pdf] [code]