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Weisses Data Structure

Weiss DataStructure includes implementation of various datastructres and algorithm in Java and C.

The following are the implementations: Java: AATree, Binary Heap, Binary Node, Binary Search, Binary Search Tree, Binary Search Tree with Rank, Disjoint Sets, Hash Tables, Inorder Traversal, Level Order travsrsal, Linked List, Linked list implementation of the list iterator, Implementation of Pairing heaps, Postorder, PreOrder, Priority Queue, Probing table implementaion of hash tables, Quadratic probing implementation of hash tables, array and linked list based implementation of queue, implementation of red black tree, Linked list implementation of the sorted list iterator, Implements a top-down splay tree, Array and linked list based implementation of stacks.

C Implementations: Various mamimum subsequence algorithms, Euclid's algorithm, Recursive exponentation algorithm, Linked List, Cursor linked list, Implementation of stack using arrays and lists, Implementation of queues using arrays and stacks, Binary search tree, AVL tree, hashing functions, Quadratic probing hash table, Binary heap, Leftist heap, Binomial queues, Disjoint sets algorithm, Dynamic programming algorithm for optimal chain matrix multiplication, Implemention of uniform random numbers, Top-down splay tree, Implementation of deterministic skip list, Top-down red black tree, Implementation of a treap, Implementation of AA-trees, Implementation of K-d trees, Implementation of pairing heap.`

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