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LINK -- Programming and Visualization Environment for Hypergraphs

LINK is a software system designed to be a general-purpose, extendible computing environment in which discrete mathematical objects representing real world problems can be easily manipulated and visualized. The system (which is still under development) features a full Scheme interpreter with access to the Tk graphics toolkit (STk), a flexible GUI, and a rich variety of important Collection and Graph objects which are grouped into C++ libraries. Link is designed to be useful as an educational tool, as a research tool, and as a prototyping tool for industry.

The primary investigators of LINK are: Nathaniel Dean of Lucent / Bell Laboratories, Mark Goldberg of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Greg Shannon of Spanning Tree Technologies, and Steven Skiena of SUNY Stony Brook. The project is currently coordinated by Jonathan Berry, a postdoctoral fellow at DIMACS at Rutgers University and one of LINK's primary designers. The LINK system is freely available for teaching and research.

Also within the distribution directory is Jon Berry's implementations of several graph partitioning heuristics, including Kernighan-Lin, Simulated Annealing, and Path Optimization.

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  • LINK distribution site at DIMACS

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