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Clarkson's higher dimensional convex hull code

Hull is an ANSI C program by Ken Clarkson of Bell Laboratories that computes the convex hull of a point set in general (but small!) dimension. The input is a list of points, and the output is a list of facets of the convex hull of the points, each facet presented as a list of its vertices. (The facets are assumed to be simplices, such as triangles in 3d; this is enforced by tiebreaking, giving a triangulation of a facet by "placing".) The program can also compute Delaunay triangulations and alpha shapes, and volumes of Voronoi regions. The program uses exact arithmetic when possible, with a moderate speed penalty. (Typically a factor of 2 or 3 for Delaunay triangulation, less for convex hulls). Output in postscript and OFF format for geomview is supported.

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