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RAPID - Robust and Accurate Polygon Interface detection

RAPID is a robust and accurate polygon interface detection library for large environments composed of unstructred models.

  • It is applicable to polygon soups - models which contain no adjacency information, and obey no topological constraints. The models may contain cracks, holes, self-intersections, and nongeneric (e.g. coplanar and collinear) configurations.

  • It is numericaly robust - the algorithm is not subject to conditioning problems, and requires no special handling of nongeneric cases (such as parallel faces).

    The RAPID library is free for noncommercial use. It has a very simple user interface: the user needs to be familiar with only about five function calls. A C++ sample program illustrates its use.

    The current version of RAPID is version 2.01. The previous version was 1.04 - the change in version designation from 1.xx to 2.xx reflects a moderate alteration in the library's interface (mostly just name changes). The following changes from version 1.04 have been made:

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