Visual Analytics and Imaging Lab

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Location CS 2207

Novel research and system development in visualization, visual analytics, medical imaging, computer graphics, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, and GPU-acceleration of general purpose computing techniques (GPGPU).

Hardware High performance PCs with high-end GPUs, RAID server
Operating System MS Windows, Linux
Software MS Visual Studio, CUDA, CG, MS Office, Latex
Details Among the projects are:

  • visual analytics and information visualization
  • medical, scientific and volume visualization
  • knowledge assisted visualization
  • user study design and evaluation for visual analytics tasks
  • illustrative techniques
  • high performance computing for medical imaging (CT, PET, MRI)
  • physics-based simulation for ray and wave based phenomena

Typically each graduate student can expect to have access to a (more or less) personal system and access to other interesting hardware. PhD students have a personal system and office space.
Funding NSF, NIH
Coordinator Klaus Mueller
Lab Web Page Visual Analytics and Imaging Lab