Every Friday
1:00 - 2:30 pm
CSE 2129


The class proceedings will be written neatly in a book format. If you are unable to attend some class sessions then you can go through the book that contains the puzzles and solutions discussed in the class sessions and also the questions given as exercise.

Download the book

If you would like to scribe the puzzle and solutions for a particular problem and its solutions, you can do so by adhering to the book format or template written in Latex that you can download below. Once, you complete scribing for a particular problem and its solutions, please send it to the email address given in the Contact section.

Download the book template

Problems we are discussing include:

  • Interview Puzzles
  • Algorithmic Puzzles
  • Data Structure Puzzles
  • Programming Puzzles
  • Mathematical Puzzles
  • Logic Puzzles

Catch Pirate Ship
Mar 1, 2014

You're on a government ship, looking for a pirate ship. You know that the pirate ship travels at a constant speed, and your ship can travel twice as fast as the pirate ship. How do you capture the pirate ship?


Snow Problem
Mar 1, 2014

How to decide what time the snow starts to fall?


Unfold the Cube
Mar 1, 2014

How to identify if a piece of paper can be folded as a cube?