Omkant Pandey
I am a faculty member at the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. I am interested in Cryptography and Computer Security, and more broadly theoretical computer science.

Email: omkant [at]
Office: 345 NCS
Phone: (631) 632-8448

I am looking for Ph.D. students. Please email me if you are interested.


  • CSE 594: Modern Cryptography  (Spring 2017)
  • CS T680-902: Topics in Modern Cryptography (Spring 2016, Drexel)
  • CS T680-002: Topics in Modern Cryptography (Spring 2016, Drexel)


Program Committee:


  • Ahmed Moustafa El-Shimi, Paul Adrian Oltean, Ran Kalach, Sudipta Sengupta,
    Jin Li, Roy D'souza, Omkant Pandey, Ramarathnam Venkatesan
    Integrated Data Deduplication and Encryption
    US Patent Application Number 13/731746.

  • Roy D'Souza, Omkant Pandey
    Cloud Key Escrow System
    US Patent Number 20120321086, Application Number 13/162985.

  • Roy D'Souza, Omkant Pandey
    Cloud Key Directory for Federating Data Exchanges
    US Patent Number 20120324237, Application Number 13/162950

  • Vipul Goyal, Omkant Pandey, Amit Sahai, Brent Waters
    Attribute Based Encryption for Fine-grained Access Control of Encrypted Data
    US Patent Application Publication 2009/0080658 A1