CSE512: Machine Learning

Spring 2018, Time: Mondays & Wednesdays 4-5.20pm, HARRIMAN HLL 137
Instructor: Minh Hoai Nguyen, New CS 153.
TA: TBA. Office hours: TBA

This course is intended for graduate students who already have good programming skills and adequate background knowledge in mathematics, including probability, statistics, and linear algebra. This course is offered by the Department of Computer Science, and students from the department will have priority in registering for this course. If you are not a Computer Science student, but believe that you have right prerequisites, complete this form to enter the queue for enrollment. The admin staff and I will process all special requests at the beginning of the Spring semester. Do not complete the form if you can enroll on Solar.

If both the class and the waitlist on Solar are full, do not send me an email. If you are still interested in taking the course, just come to the first two weeks of classes. Some spaces will be freed as many students will drop the course once they understand what machine learning really is. There is no guarantee though.

This page is under construction. More content will be posted closer to the start of Spring 2018 semester.