CSE378: Introduction to Robotics

Spring 2018, Time: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 5.30-6.50pm, PSYCHOLOGY A 137
Instructor: Minh Hoai Nguyen, New CS 153.
Office hours: Tue 3-4pm, Friday 1.30-3.30pm
TA: Ke Ma (kemma@cs.stonybrook.edu).


There will be three homework assignments, two exams, and a final project.

  • Three homework assignments: 30%

  • Exams: 40%

    • Midterm: 15%

    • Final: 25%

  • Project: 30%

    • Proposal: 5%

    • Midterm progress: 10%

    • Final demo: 15%

Weights are approximate and subject to change. You are expected to do homework assignments by yourselves. Even if you discuss them with your classmates, you should turn in your own code and write-up. You can have one sheet of paper with notes in the midterm and quizes.

Tentative Syllabus

Date Topic Readings Assignments
23-Jan-2018 Introduction RVC, Chapter 1
25-Jan Sensor
30-Jan Sensor
01-Feb Representing Position and Orientation RVC, Chapter 2 HW1 out
06-Feb Representing Position and Orientation RVC, Chapter 2
08-Feb Time and Motion RVC, Chapter 3
13-Feb Mobile robots RVC, Chapter 4
15-Feb Mobile robots RVC, Chapter 4
20-Feb Navigation - Bioinspiration RVC, Chapter 5 HW1 due. HW2 out
22-Feb Navigation - Methods RVC, Chapter 5
27-Feb Navigation - Methods RVC, Chapter 6
29-Feb Localization - Probabilistic Robotics RVC, Chapter 6
06-Mar Localization - Histogram Filter RVC, Chapter 7
08-Mar Localization - Particle filters RVC, Chapter 7 HW2 due.
13-Mar Spring break - no class
15-Mar Spring break - no class
20-Mar Review lecture Project proposal due
22-Mar No lecture. Mid-term exam. Mid-term
27-Mar Guest lecture - Roy Shilkrot
29-Mar Guest lecture - Nilanjan Chakraborty
03-Apr Robot Arm Kinematics RVC, Chapter 7
05-Apr Robot Arm Inverse Kinematics RVC, Chapter 7 HW3 out
10-Apr Inverse Kinematics - Jacobian RVC, Chapter 8
12-Apr Computer Vision - Seeing RVC, Chapter 10
17-Apr Computer Vision - Image Formation RVC, Chapter 11
19-Apr Progress check - class demo class demo
24-Apr Computer Vision - multi-view RVC, Chapter 14
26-Apr Computer Vision - Image feature RVC, Chapter 13
27-Apr Not a lecture date HW3 due
01-May Final class - review
03-May Public demo day Demo 4-8.30pm
05-May No class Project report due
09-May Exam 5:30-8:00 PM Exam