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Dimitris Samaras - [email] - [page]
Minh Hoai Nguyen - [email] -[page]

Associated Faculty

Roy Shilkrot (Department of Computer Science) - [email] - [page]
Xianfeng David Gu (Department of Computer Science) - [email] - [page]
Gregory J. Zelinsky (Department of Psychology)- [email] - [page]
Tamara L. Berg (UNC at Chapel Hill) - [email] - [page]
Alexander C. Berg (UNC at Chapel Hill) - [email] - [page]

Current PhD Students

Kiwon Yun (exp. grad. 2016) - [email] - [page]
Tomas F. Yago Vicente (exp. grad. 2016) - [email]
Zhixin Shu (exp. grad. 2019) - [email] - [page]
Le Hou (exp. grad. 2019) - [email] - [page]
Yang Wang - [email]
Boyu Wang - [email]
Zijun Wei - [email] - [page]
Hieu Le Minh - [email]
Ke Ma - [email]
Vinh Tran - [email]
Vu Nguyen - [email]
Huidong Liu - [email]

Current MS Students

Xiang Yu
Yangchun Li
Fangyuan Li
Kwangsuk Park

Current Undergraduate Students

Yuliya Astapova
Himanshu Kattelu
Jake Christensen
Zane Sterling
Matt Genkin

Graduated PhD students

Chen-Ping Yu 07/2016 - [email] - [page] - (Harvard University)
   Thesis title: Computational models of visual features: from proto-objects to object categories
Alexandre Abraham, 12/2015 - [email] - (INRIA)
   Thesis title: Learning functional brain atlases modeling inter-subject variability (co-advised with Gael Varoquaux at INRIA)
Jean Honorio, 8/2012. - [email] - [page] - (MIT CSAIL)
   Thesis title: Tractable Learning of Graphical Model Structures from Data (co-advised with Luis Ortiz and Rita Goldstein)
Yun Zeng, 6/2012. - [email] - (Google)
  Thesis title: Coupling Techniques for Dense Surface Registration: A Continuous-Discrete Approach (co-advised with David Gu)
Alexandros Panagopoulos, 12/2011. - [email] - (Google)
   Thesis Title: Illumination and Geometry Inference Using Graphical Models
Wei Zhang, 5/2008. - [email] - (Google)
  Thesis title: Feature Representation for Generic Object Detection and Recognition: Computer Vision and Human Vision (co-advised with Greg Zelinsky)
Yang Wang, 9/2006. - [email] - [page] - (Element Inc.)
   Thesis title: Facial Modeling on High Resolution Geometry and Appearance Data
Lei Zhang, 8/2006. - [email] - [page] - (Bloomburg)
   Thesis title: Machine Learning for Clinical Diagnosis from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (co-advised with Rita Goldstein)

Graduated MS students

Jesse Brizzi - [email]
Michail Misyrlis - [email] - (USC)
Hojin Choi - [email]
Vitaly Sergeyev - [email]
Hong-Jin Lee - [email]
Joydeep Sinha - [email] - (Amazon)
Yifan Peng - [email] - (Facebook)
Carlos Orrego - [email] - (Solu4B S.A.)
Juntian Shan - [email]
Andrei Todor - [email] - (University of Florida)
Tom Swedlund - [email] - (HP)
Tejo Chalasani - [email] - (Microsoft)
Lei Zhang - [email] - (Google)
Hyung-Yeon Gu - [email]
Mohit Gupta - [email] - [page] (Columbia University)
Bing Yu - [email] - (TechSmith)
Liu Yang - [email]
Dhaval Dalal - [email] - (NYU)
Kefei Lu - [email]
Jian Zhong - [email] - (Groupon)
Zhongbin Zhu - [email]

Previous High School Students

Yogeshwar Velingker
Michael Huang
Veda Murthy
Nicholas Cimaszewski
Selina Wang
Abhinand Sivaprasad
David Wang
Gary Ge
Jared Weiss
Rashmi Rao
Dan Lopuch
Shira Mitchell
Andrew Hsiao


Alexandre Abraham (Current, INRIA Paris, France) - [email]
Marc Serra (Past, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain) - [email]
Chaohui Wang (Past, École Centrale Paris, France) - [email] - [page]
Przemys┼éaw (Shamek) Szeptycki (Past, École Centrale de Lyon, France) - [email] - [page]