Zhongyuan Xu

Ph.D Student

Department of Computer Science
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794  USA

E-mail:zhoxu at cs dot stonybrook dot edu


I am a Ph.D student at Stony Brook University. My advisor is Prof. Scott D. Stoller.

My primary research interest includes security policy design and analysis, role based access control system analysis, role engineering using data mining technique and model checking.

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  • Stony Brook University   Fall 2009 till present, Ph.D in Computer Science
  • Peking University, Beijing, China.  MS 2009 and BS 2006 in Computer Science

    Teaching Assistant

  • CSE 303   Introduction to the theory of Computation (Fall 2009)
  • CSE 373   Analysis of Algorithms (Fall 2009 & Spring 2010)

  • Conference Publications

    1. Zhongyuan Xu and Scott D. Stoller. "Mining Parameterized Role-Based Policies." In Proceedings of the Third ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY). ACM Press, 2013.

    2. Zhongyuan Xu and Scott D. Stoller. "Algorithms for Mining Meaningful Roles." In Proceedings of the 17th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT). ACM Press, 2012.
    3. Puneet Gupta, Scott D. Stoller, and Zhongyuan Xu. "Abductive Analysis of Administrative Policies in Rule-based Access Control." In Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Information Systems Security (ICISS 2011), volume 7093 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 116-130. Springer-Verlag, 2011.
    4. Jiaqi Zhu, Hanpin Wang, Zhongyuan Xu, Chunxiang Xu. "A new model for model checking: cycle-weighted Kripke structure." Frontiers of Computer Science in China 4(1) page: 78-88 2010
    5. Heng Guo, Hanpin Wang, Zhongyuan Xu, Yongzhi Cao. "On Model Checking Boolean BI." page: 302-316 CSL 2009
    6. Jiaqi Zhu, Hanpin Wang, Zhongyuan Xu. "A New Temporal Logic CTL[k-QDDC] and Its Verification." page: 235-238 COMPSAC 2008


    Recent Projects

  • 6/2010-Present Role mining and Attribute based Rule Mining , Design and Analysis Research Lab, Stony Brook University
  • 2/2010-5/2010 Compiler for E-- language, Stony Brook University
  • 9/2009-12/2009 Music Fan Club Knowledge Base, Stony Brook University
  • Working Experience

  • 06/2012-08/2012 Internship, Facebook Inc, CA
  • 02/2009-06/2009 Internship, Supertool Internet Technology Company, Beijing, China
  • 02/2005-10/2005 Microprocessors Research Center, Peking University, Beijing, China

  • Skills

  • Most familiar languages: C++, Java, C
  • Others: Python, C#, HTML&CSS, JavaScript, Linux Shell, SQL

  • Links

    ZOJ: an online judgement system

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