Yash Kumar Lal

Yash Kumar Lal

PhD student in Computer Science at Stony Brook; affiliated with LUNR lab

Advisor: Niranjan Balasubramanian.

Email: ylal <at> cs.stonybrook <dot> edu


I'm a third-year PhD student at Stony Brook. Currently, I am exploring problems in natural language understanding; particularly, reasoning in stories. I collaborate with Nate Chambers and Ray Mooney on this line of work. I am also working on analysing energy efficiency of NLP models, also collaborating with Aruna Balasubramanian.

Previously, I have dabbled with problems in machine translation, clickbait detection and word sense disambiguation.

I graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University in May 2020. I was primarily advised by Philipp Koehn and worked on a variety of problems across natural language processing.

Over the years, I have been involved in several notable side projects. I worked on a chat platform - Ping - that allowed users to communicate with each other regardless of language. I was involved in efforts to build a service - hello friend - that allowed people without internet access to avail various crucial facilities. In a past life, I was an iOS developer for several small-scale applications.


October 2022

Long paper accepted to EMNLP, 2022. I'll be attending in-person. See you in Abu Dhabi!

May - August 2022

I am spending the summer working on question decomposition for multi-hop question answering at Salesforce Research with Semih Yavuz and Yingbo Zhou.

May 2022

Presenting work on using commonsense knowledge to answer why questions in stories at WNU 2022. See you in Seattle!

August 2021

Demo paper accepted to EMNLP, 2021. I'll be attending in-person. See you in Punta Cana!

May 2021

Two papers accepted at ACL, 2021 --- one in main conference, one in Findings


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