Yogesh Agrawal

Yogesh Agrawal

Graduate Student | Software Developer

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A computer science enthusiast with 3+ years of industrial work experience and 5+ years of academic experience. Currently pursuing MS in Computer Science at Stony Brook University.

I am very passionate about technology and how it is at the centre of current transformation the world is observing. I have worked on large-scale projects, whose demands spanned to breadth of scalability, availability and reliability.

Latest Projects

SfM Pipeline

Goal is to reconstruct 3D scene correctly from multiple images of a scene, in which many structures are repeated/similar. Used techniques in Visual Odometry to determine correct camera position path.

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Byzantine Chain Replication using Shuttle Protocol

Implemnted byzantine fault tolerant chain replication for servers. Created a working prototype using the Shuttle protocol as given by Robbert van Renesse. Used distAlgo for the creation of async clients and message passing.

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Work Experience

Software Developer - OYO Rooms ( Feb 2016 - July 2017 )

Worked as a Full Stack Developer, implementing Front-end & back-end functionalities and features across many products.

Designed & developed internal web portal with focus on scalability. Included creation of bookings by customer service center, managing hotels database and relevant metrics, deals for customers, user/employee permissions.

Developed hybrid mobile application for OYO Owners, capable of running on Android and iOS deviceswith the same code-base.

Associate Engineer - Qualcomm ( July 2014 - Feb 2016 )

Worker as a Framework Developer and improved reliability of existing automated testing framework, CIT, from 70% to 95% by updating outdated code base and use of best practices. Currently being used for testing of Snapdragon, MDM, Wearable & IoT device chipsets.

Extended capability of framework, using concepts of distributive and parallel computing, to enable testing of multiple devices on same base station, called ParallelCIT. Reduced cost by approx $1000 per device. Planned and executed roll-out in India, China and US; including knowledge sessions on new framework to sibling teams in these locations.

Automated setup and configuration of each device on base station, reducing time to 5 mins from 1 hr.

Summer Intern - Qualcomm ( Summer 2013 )

Built online tool, Build Insight, which lists modified files across two builds of OSs with approx 10^5 files/build.