January WiCSter of the Month

⭐️ WiCS is excited to announce the WiCster of the Month for January: Meha Dhyani! ⭐️

😮 Introduce yourself! 😮
My name is Meha (pronounced May-ha), and I'm currently a Freshman computer science major. I joined WiCS because I wanted to join a club related to my major, and stayed because of the amazing board and other club members. As a freshie, the Mentoring program helped me integrate into CS, and alleviated a lot of my initial hesitations as someone with very limited CS experience (the biggest slay = Nas 🫶🏼)

I'm interested in all things cybersecurity, especially cryptography, ciphers, and ethical hacking. Additionally, I want to get more into the practical application of CS, especially through mechanical engineering.

I love watching movies (recent fav: The Pursuit of Happyness), and love taking road trips w/ my family. I'd love to go back to the Great Smoky Mountains, Yosemite, or explore a new national park!