February WiCSter of the Month

⭐️ WiCS is excited to announce the WiCster of the Month for February: Shireen Zaman! ⭐️

😮 Introduce yourself! 😮

I’m currently a sophomore studying Information Systems and specializing in finance, and I plan to double major in AMS. I recently participated in the WiCS hackathon and hope to go to a lot more of the workshops in the future to learn about the diverse fields within tech, like cyber security and game development.

I’m interested in data science and AI/ML, especially in the finance world, and I’m currently the social media manager for the SBU Investment Club! I’m also really interested in game dev and plan to create a visual novel game over the summer.

As for hobbies, I enjoy games like OMORI and other horror, K-dramas, films, drawing, digital art, reading webnovels and webcomics, and learning new languages (I’m currently trying to learn Korean and Spanish!).

Favorite programming language: Python 🐍
Favorite color: Green
Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and cream