December WiCSter of the Month

⭐️ WiCS is excited to announce the WiCster of the Month for December: Samantha Zborovsky!! ⭐️

😮 Introduce yourself! 😮

I’m currently a Sophomore mechanical engineering major and computer science minor. I love going to WiCS workathons because of the chill atmosphere, and it’s a great way for me and my friends to actually get work done.

I’m interested in both the hardware and software sides of robotics, and I’ve been working on a really fun thermal haptic device project as part of the Soft Electronics for Healthcare and Robotics VIP team!

In my free time, I like reading, hiking, and watching random youtube videos with my friends. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate (any kind), my favorite TV show is Daredevil, and my ultimate travel destination is Japan!